SM Series Steambath System Replacement Parts


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Parts Lists, Diagrams & Pricing

- Models SM-5, SM-7, SM-9 "Auto Drain Ready" (Pub. No. 608-11)
Models SM-11, SM-12, SM-15 "Serial Numbers 1000000 thru 3000000" (Pub. No. 608-13)
Models SM-46 thru SM-79 (Pub. No. 608-1)
Models SM-4 thru SM-8 (Pub. No. 608-2)
Model SM-11 & System-18 (Pub. No. 608-3) 
Models SM-12, SM-15, System-24, & System-30 (Pub. No. 608-4) 
Tilt-Up Seat Parts – Round Support Rods (Pub. No. 608-10)
Tilt-Up Seat Parts – Square Support Rods (Pub. No. 608-18)